People often depend on others for happiness, let it be their relatives or kids or friends for that matters. And they always end up feeling sad, defeated and frustrated. My question is why we depend on others for happiness? This inertia in us, to resist the change and to let go things, is the main culprit which get us thinking, things should remain the same, people should be around us always. But do you think it is possible for things to remain unchanged and people keep surrounding us? No, our happiness is entirely our responsibility. Parents spend most of their lives taking care of their children, sacrificing their own happiness and comforts.  When the children grow up and fail to reciprocate, that becomes the reason for parents’ misery. Its time to change this situation and that change can only be brought upon if we as parent understand one thing, our children are not only source of our happiness, we have to cultivate a hobby which not only keep us distracted but also bring content to our heart and smile on our face. Our autumn years are not meant to be spent cooling one’s heels for a call or a visit by kith and kin or relatives.  It has to be a time where we feel free from all responsibilities and pursue what we always wanted to do. A small flower shop, a cozy coffee shop or dance class for small kids, anything that will make you occupied as well as free from worldly worries.

I believe we should raise our kids with a motive that they become independent and get on with their lives. Pursue what makes them happy. And when they decide to call or visit, it should not be under obligation or any pressure that its their duty. It has to be out of love and affection. Something that binds us with them. Our children should know we are not dependent on them, we are happy in their happiness and we are doing fine wherever we are. To keep yourself happy is your job altogether.  there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing something that brings smile on your face, its not selfish at all.

We may take retirement from our jobs but we must not retire from living a life that leads to our own happiness. Like we plan for our children for their future, we should plan for ourselves also. Make a list, put all those things that you would want to do once you would be free from all your accountabilities.   Save a bit for yourself too. you have done enough for everyone , now its your turn , take care of yourself and your happiness because its your job.



messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !