Satan said “It’s all in the state of mind to make hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell” but what he didn’t tell is don’t dwell too much inside your mind all the time. They say when you need expert advice talk to yourself, but you dont need expert advice in every situation, sometimes recipe of panacea by a layman works wonders. Right? Just because you have all the time in the world today and you can spend it by just sitting on couch and overthinking about everthing, situation won’t get any better for you. We are all going through this tough phase of pandemic together, dealing with it in our own way. But creating a web of despressive thoughts in mind, keep replaying bitter moments of life and beating yourself again and again for the failure, will only make us more miserable. I always believed and still believe we get only one life to live, smile, dance, fall in love, cry and experience all other emotions… just one life! And we decide to waste it away or think of ending it because things didn’t go our way, because we desired something or someone and we didn’t get it, because we failed in achieving our targets, because we got betrayed.. whatever be the reason of our misery today, it cannot be bigger than life, it cannot be so big that we can’t start it all over again. But first, stop tourturing yourself by thinking about any thing way too much, stop stressing over things.. sometimes when you can’t control what is happening around you then let loose it’s ends, let it flow, let it take its own shape and trust the universe. Sometimes its good to believe in almight and feel safe in his hands. He has plans for everyone and surely has one for you too but rememeber patience is the viture. You don’t receive the gifts of life without being patience.

Year 2020, has been more of lows than ups. Most part of it, you could not go out, carry out your normal routine and life just came to a griding halt. But if we look closley, this was the year which made us realise, things we take for granted can be taken away from us anytime. This year made us realise the importance of small small things in life, like the hang out plans we made with our friends and cancelled it at the last moment, like dropping kids to school and cribbing about it ( I know this one has hit home hard :P) there are many things we didn’t pay attention to and all of sudden we have to give them up, now we feel their absence. Biggest lesson of 2020, never take anything or anyone for granted, second don’t over think of any situation, things beyond your control needs freedom from your thoughts let them go and finally, take best care of yourself as the self love is the best kind of love.

After having realised all these things, then don’t forget the people who are always there for you. Yes! it’s always your family and some friends who never fail to show up at your door on just your one call. Value them, call them, make plans with them (and dont cancel them at the last moment) saviour small small moments with them, cause these are the people who make your life better without expecting much in return. Talk to your parents every day, they wait for your call and now you have understood how painful and frustrating can be the game of waiting, don’t let them wait for it, call your friends and your heart knows who these real friends are. Don’t let behaviour of other people get to you, if they dont value you, dont break your own heart by keep expecting anything from them, it’s ok! You dont deseve their toxicity in your life, just imagine universe is doing you favour by keeping them at bay. It’s not a rocket science to keep yourself happy, don’t make it so difficult by living inside your mind and making a mess of every situation by over thinking, stressing and bringing unnecessay drama in life.

Don’t forget one life to live, smile, love and do everything that your heart desire…. You are A-Okay!


messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !