Hellooo from Zambia…… yep I live here in Zambia, of course, when you Google it , you will find a small landlocked country, near famous South Africa, bordering Botswana, Congo and Namibia. I moved here four years back, yeah yeah , with all those notions of “big, bad and black Africa” but surprisingly nothing fits this beautiful country with humble people, green and vibrant landscape.

Okay guys why am I here? Why am I writing all this? Let me introduce myself properly , my name is Jyoti Rathore, if you are an Indian, I don’t need to explain the meaning of my name and for others , it means “light” , I am going to light up your way with all my personal experiences in homemade beauty products , using some magical ingredients from your kitchen garden and talking about garden , I am a gardening enthusiast too, I love to grow my own organic vegetables getting full fledged help from my agriculturist husband, so I hope, I could help you to grow your own organic vegetables even in small space. Moreover, we are going to talk a lot about kids’ health and diet , being a mother of two beautiful girls , one ages 11 and the other one 2, I have read and learnt a lot about how to make your kids eat healthy food , about homeopathic and aryuvedic medicines, which come as savior for new mothers.

Okay! My dear readers, lets commence this beautiful journey, full of my own tried and tested experiences and experiments. I am sure , I am not going to disappoint you. You can always ask me questions on the aforementioned topics. Today, I am going to discuss with you the benefits of super food AVOCADO(few days back only we celebrated international avocado day) how we can make delicious and healthy dishes with it and of course, how we can use it as a magical ingredient, which is a savior of sensitive skin.

Avocado is called superfood cause it is full of essential vitamins and minerals and if easily available near you, I recommend you, feed your baby as small as six months, yeah, that’s when I started feeding my younger one avocados four tablespoons everyday , due to its natural taste, she enjoyed eating it and till now she loves it in her sandwiches. Some important nutritional  facts about my beloved Avocado:

  1. Rich in mono saturated fats, avocado has a smooth and creamy texture, its much higher in fats than any other fruit.
  2. It contains lots of fiber and is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B,K,E,C,potassium, copper (I am a big fan of avocado, I carry it everywhere like people carry there Prada and Gucci bags, lol)

Avocado is one of those fruits , which doesn’t get spoiled easily and you can eat without much hassle and passel , all you need is a poor knife to cut it into half and a begging spoon to scoop it up and satiate your hunger…. Why not make a sandwich of it, it doesn’t consume much time and kids just love it, I am sharing an easy recipe of avocado sandwich , which my two years old just loves eat:


Avocado : ¼ skin removed and mashed

Butter : 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Black pepper (little amount according to your taste)

A slice of whole wheat bread (you can use any bread of your choice)

Lets make it:

Cut the slice of bread in two half diagonally,

Take a pan and put it on burner , toast the bread slice with butter,

Now make a smooth paste of avocado , salt and black pepper,

Spread the avocado paste on both the slices and make a sandwich,

You can warm the sandwich once more if you want, serve it to the baby lukewarm with the sauce of their choice and of course, you can incorporate variety of vegetables steamed and mashed in this sandwich, if that’s what your child prefers and not a fussy eater.

Talking about fussy eater, that’s my 11 years old daughter is… she just cant eat avocado in sandwich or in its raw form, so I being a smart mother, hide it in her smoothies and dips, which she enjoys without making any fuss. In my next article, I am going to share yummy avocado dip recipe, which can be enjoyed with chips and breads.

You are free to ask me anything related to avocado or any recipe related to it…. Till then ciao!

Jyoti Rathore

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.

Written by

Jyoti Rathore

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.