“There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile 😊 speaks them all.”

An ardent traveler should learn the art of smiling a lot because a smile would help you not only in communicating but also forms an invisible bond with your fellow travelers.

Re-commencing our tour of the astounding Livingstone town, we have already been to “The mighty Victoria falls” in my previous article and explored the beauty of the one of seven natural wonders of world.

Although the Mighty falls entice the traveler to visit Livingstone but the scenic beauty and adventure offered by the picturesque town take them by surprise, compelling them to Visit Livingstone often.

Livingstone lies on the north of the Zambezi River and is a border town with road and rail connections to Zimbabwe. This town is the hub of many adventures activities and beautiful places to visit and stay, and I’m going to take you on a whirlwind ride of the magical Livingstone imbibing in it the breathtaking places and adrenaline-pumping activities. Relating to activities please keep in mind, I am not daredevil kind of a person and hence my adventurous activities are very limited but still I would love to inform you what the most thrilling experiences I have seen people going for, leaving me trembling from inside, still cheered for them and patted their backs.

So let’s explore the quaint and charming Livingstone with me… first and foremost the places to visit…

Victoria Falls Bridge:

Yes! I can aptly hail it a bridge of multi-utilities, multi-activities and multi-attractions, and by no means it is an exaggeration, you got to believe me on this. The bridge has a railway line, a road and walking pedestal joining Zambia and Zimbabwe, half way through the bridge and you would be entering Zimbabwe.

The spray of the mist from the Mighty Victoria Falls would be following us all the way to the bridge, soaking us once again and the experience was surreal. The lush, springy and sky-punching mountains on both sides of the bridge with countless baby rainbows forming at their foot, a dreamy Zambezi flowing under the bridge and the cream of the crop is the spectacular view of the Victoria Falls, incredibly enchanting beauty at one place would sooth your nerves and entrench your thoughts.

The captivating bridge also offers a lot of daredevil activities that I would unfold in my activities section… have patience 😊

Livingstone Reptile Park

Yup…this is THE place which fascinated my younger daughter (only 2) the most… she was clapping and wide-eyed in awe all the time, surprised me but if you want to see the most vicious crocodiles rescued from Zambezi River where they were posing a threat to both human and other beings, it’s there abode and you are most welcome. The park provides well trained guides to answer your queries, give you the informative and interesting tour of the park infested with monstrous crocodiles. You would definitely gonna feel the mixed emotions of fear and fascination for sure and please don’t miss the white crocodile Mr. Mustard, kept in a separate pool. Sometimes the monitor lizards also come to meet you… don’t worry the park is very safe and always remember when you are in forest expect the unexpected. A must visit place when traveling with kids. Listen to the staff, take all safety measures, keep the kids close and you are good to go on an adventure.

Mosa-Oa-TUNYA National Park

The park covers 66 square km below the falls and about 20 km of Zambezi River in Zambian side. It has two main sections, each with separate entrance, a Wild life park and the land adjacent to the immense and awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. The wildlife park booms with lush green forest, plenty of birds and animals including giraffes, cape buffaloes, impalas, warthogs, sables and if you are visiting in dry season, you can witness the herds of African elephants crossing the river from Zimbabwean side. Hippos and crocodiles can be seen from the river bank. Baboons and monkeys are everywhere in the park. If you are a wildlife junkie this is the place to be at.

Railway Museum 

The museum is dedicated to preserving Zambia ‘railway heritage, as well as holding an exhibition on the history of the Jewish race in Zambia.

David Livingstone Memorial Museum 

It is the largest and oldest museum in Zambia, it exhibits artifacts related to local history and prehistoric times, including photographs, musical instruments and possessions of David Livingstone, the explorer and missionary. My elder one was so curious and inquired about everything that was displayed in the museum, really a fascinating experience for her and us.

Livingstone can easily be called as the adventure and extreme sports capital of Africa. A range of action activities, mostly located in the Victoria Falls area, are drawing more and more visitors from all over the globe.

Before setting your heart racing, let me start with an activity I enjoyed the most “the sunset cruise”…

The Sunset Cruise

We booked the 2 hour sunset cruise on Zambezi River, starting at 4 pm. It was an amazing and relaxing experience on the majestic Zambezi, while being served snacks, soft drinks and other hard drinks of your choice, whist at the same time enjoying the wild life near the banks of the river. The cruise traveled up the river, towards the Zimbabwean side where you spot the hippos, crocodiles and elephants. The captain positioned the boat in such a prime spot, to experience the Sunset. We watched as it began to slowly decent to the horizon all the while giving an ever-changing yellow, orange and dark grey hues and colors. It is one calming affair one should definitely indulge while in Livingstone.

Now are you ready! To take a plunge into most adrenaline-rush activities… here we go…

Bungee jumping:

This is the main adventurous activity on the Victoria Falls Bridge, one of the highest (110m) and most enthralling in the world, the plunge will see you heading straight down towards the raging Zambezi River.

High wiring, Gorge swinging and rap jumping

This is the world’s first commercial high wire. All the above activities are done at Victoria Falls Bridge.


You are helmeted and safely secured on a rope and slide down the gorge, can come back up walking.

Flights over Victoria Falls

The most breathtaking way to view the magnificent falls from the air. You can also take a helicopter and Microlight over the falls. All flights leave from Maramba Aerodrome in Livingstone and are at the falls within about a minute.

Lion Walks and Walk with Cheetahs

A walk with the huge African lion, the king of jungle and fastest animal on the earth cheetah, these are two different activities would definitely set your heart racing; you are accompanied by very skilled and trained guides. Sorry kids not allowed…

White Water Rafting in Zambezi River

Its wild roller-coaster ride along a route carved over millennia by the mighty Zambezi. It’s a 23 white water rapids, the rapids are run in large rubber rafts launched from just below the Falls, in high waters (March to July), only 13 rapids can be attempted, when water subsides, (June to Feb), all 23 are navigable.

Swimming below Victoria Falls

Thought about looking the Victoria Falls from the bottom, yes then this activity is for you. it’s a seasonal activity not available during raining season.

The list of activities is endless and Livingstone has something for everyone, romantics, adventures, adrenaline -junkies and explorers. For this bewitching experience you have to visit Livingstone.

Ciao, my lovelies until we meet again here @gokhushi.com

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.

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Jyoti Rathore

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.