“Not stepping inside this fancy cul restaurant” 

“But why not?”

“Not spending my hard earned money on some putain de expensive restaurant and I am zut sure the dishes won’t taste upto my expectation and I am not into French cuisines. Period”

“Look! Last time I was here I tasted the chef’s special and trust me it was délicieuse so much so that I felt like barging straight into the kitchen and kissing the chef” 

Va te faire foutre” 

Ronin was overhearing this banter for quite some time now. He was about to enter his restaurant when he spotted the same red specs and raven haired little minx with some other girl arguing. She was in blue and green check shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers, her hair were again in messy bun and familiar cute scowl gracing the face. Man! she swears like a sailor, Ronin thought to himself. What’s with her and swearing in French, Ronin found it amusing. 

“I don’t understand one thing, how can you swear so fluently in French while you suck at speaking proper French?” The other girl who was quite tall and looked elegant in her green summer dress, had porcelain skin, beautiful French features and golden locks cascading down her shoulders in waves. She looked some model stepped out right from fashion magazine. But this short girl in the question held all the mystery and charm for some unknown reason. 

“Its called talent” the raven haired spoke with smug face “you see darling, I may not be good at picking up foreign languages well but I do possess superior talent of picking swear words as quickly as you run out of makeup products” the other girl snarled at her which she ignored royally and continued “what do you call motherfu**er in French? Connard?, in Spanish its called Hilo de puta, in Italian its stronzo madre, in Portuguese its filha-da-puta, in Dutch its klootzak, and in Hindi…..” “Enough for now” blonde girl interrupted her “I totally agree you are superbly talented but your talent won’t fill my stomach so better put your best foot forward and get in the damn restaurant”

“Not stepping inside this fancy cul restaurant” She spoke again adamantly. “Geez, girl what’s wrong …..”

Bonjour Dames” Ronin found apt moment to cut in and came out from his hiding place “I am glad to inform you, our fifth customer for the day will be treated with best of chef’s special that too on the house” he flashed his perfect white teeth. He looked absolutely entrancing in his navy blue tailored suit fitting snuggly to his sturdy form, his black hair combed at back in perfect fashion and Black shades resting lazily on his long nose. The blond girl instantly changed her posture in a more sophisticated one and flashed a flirtatious smile but before she can speak a word the raven headed beat her to that “Why? Broke written all over our faces?” She raised her brow at Ronin and her hazel eyes narrowed at him as if trying to figure out if she had seen him before. It had already been a week since their awkward encounter and Ronin was still nourishing his bruised ego. 

“She is too funny” Blonde tried to lighten up the atmosphere “nous prendrions I’offre” she batted her eyelashes at him that broadened his smile and made raven headed growl at her. Blondie pulled the raven headed with her and Ronin held the gate open for them “after you ladies”. 

Once they were seated comfortably in the plush chairs, raven headed rolled her hazel eyes to take in the interiors of the restaurant. Walls were embellished with shimmering murals and embroidered  butterflies, paper songbirds were hanged to the ceilings all around, carpets were cerulean to resonate the legacy of rivers in the region. The chairs were grey in colour while tables were neatly covered with white colour cloth. Beautiful bouquet of  fresh flowers were kept in the middle of the table and light blue napkins were neatly folded and kept on the side of cutlery. 

“Now, now, now if this is some kind of sick joke and that nain tricked us, then blondie you are footing the whole bill by selling your blond hair and stacked make up kits”  

“May I ladies” Paul appeared besides them to serve them some butter croissants. Ronin had already told him the story of his encounter with raven headed and Paul had to come out and see for himself what a spitfire sorcière she was. But Paul’s eyes were glued to the blonde sitting next her “Well dames, your special treat is on its way” Paul smiled and tried curtsying. “Isn’t that too English for a French spongbob like yourself” raven headed tilted her head to mock Paul. Paul was taken aback and immediately retreated faking a smile. 

“You are something seriously” Blonde shook her head. 

“Ladies! Presenting you Blanquette de Veau” a waiter placed a sumptuous looking dish on the table, “Piperade”  then placed another dish on the table and finally third dish was put on the table “Chef’s special Tartiflette, dames I hope you enjoy your meal” the waiter was about to turn to go back in kitchen when raven headed stopped him in tracks and flashed her sweetest smile “monsieur, if these dishes with funny names messed up with my tastebuds even a tiny bit then I swear I will pluck all the paper song birds from the ceiling and tie them around your chef’s arse”

“what if you loved my dishes” Ronin spoke from behind the waiter. Their eyes met for fraction of second before she rolled her eyes and causally said “my friend here will leave a generous tip”

“how about you tell me your name?” Ronin raised questioning brow at her. “we shall see” she dodged his intense gaze and picked a fork to stab one of the dishes. Her friend was already at it and was full of gasps and gushes which she took as her overacting. She carefully picked a morsel with the help of fork and placed in her mouth hesitantly. Ronin was intently watching her as she chewed the morsel and for a second he saw her eyes rolled back but she quickly composed her. Cat was out of hat already, Ronin knew it she just couldn’t dislike her dishes. He was reckoned among the top chefs in Paris for a reason. “well, its too early to say anything and if you continue to stand here, I won’t be able to judge fairly” she said without looking at Ronin. “Alright, I will wait for your verdict mademoiselle” He bowed in front of her mockingly and went back in the kitchen. 

“Are you crazy?” Blonde kicked her foot under the table “the guy is being extra generous and humble, you on the other hand trying to show off your stupid attitude” 

Raven headed carefully picked another dish and put some in her plate “you, my friend, are blond for reason. What if this is all a trap? What if they are testing some drug on us or worse poison us or worst kill us and sell our organs? He said fifth customer gets free meal, my ass, we are the only patrons here so far” Blond rolled her eyes “you are so full of drama, I have been here before too. Its one of the finest restaurants in the whole Paris and we should be grateful that we are given VIP treatment and meal on the house” raven headed scowled at her but continued to dig in the succulent dishes and had to give it to chef but too reluctant to admit that. They were almost done with the dishes, when Ronin again appeared next to them and straight way asked girl in check shirt “So Madame! Waiting for your verdict” his sudden appearance startled her and she choked on the water she was drinking. He gently rubbed her back to help her stopped coughing “sorry, didn’t mean to startle you” he knelt down and offered her napkin to wipe her face. Her watery eyes met his dark eyes and for a second they felt like spark flying in the air. She immediately stood up. “I, kind of , actually, I think , I mean , what I am trying to say is that the dishes were kind of good I guess” she spoke awkwardly and looked here and there to avoid meeting his eyes. He flashed triumphed smile “So, it means I get to know your name” she remembered the whole scene now which happened between them a week before and frowned at him “you”, “yes! Me” he mocked. She tried stomping away but he blocked her way “madame a deal is a deal and you can’t deny your thoroughly enjoyed the meal so….. your name?” She reluctantly looked at him and spoke “its T”, “ T what?” He gave her puzzled look. “look you tricked me into telling my name so you get only this, its T” she shrugged, he gave her lope sided smile and extended his hand, “T, I’ll do with that T, by the way I am Ro”, she stepped aside and said “ and its time to go” she left the restaurant with her friend without looking back at him. He stayed rooted there “T, awww that’s cute” Paul cooed behind him. Ronin smiled to himself yes its cute. “dude, dont be so happy she just told you initial of her name not her number” Paul rolled his eyes. “oh shit, I didn’t ask her number” Ronin jerked back to reality and ran out of door but it was too late she had already vanished in thin air again …..

To be continued…….


messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !