Take me to those lands of greens some light some dark,

flowers blossom like spark,

where the hues and colours enthrall at a glance

and melody in air set my soul to dance…

When was the last time you, my lovelies, had a stroll in a plant nursery… what… long time back… so today, I have decided to remind you that even though you have been travelling to different places, admiring the natural charms and man-made artistry but a “travel” to world’s most fascinating place is overdue… and this place is omnipresent, you just have to ask a simple question…”road to plant nursery” and you would be surprised by the number of roads heading to this paradise.

Yes! a nursery of plants, filled with rainbow of flowers, those light and dark shades of green, all asking you to take them home and give them a new land to flourish and adorn.

Plants and trees with those intriguing name-tags, in all shapes and sizes and so many colours spread on such a small landscape gives a reasons to be optimistic about future that there are people who derive tremendous sense of pride in budding and grafting a good crop of plants.

May be I am obsessed with plants, I love to visit my nearby nursery often and bring home those tiny beauties. A plant nursery emanates an invisible aura of calmness and aroma reminiscent of lush green meadow.

“I want all these colours of flowers…mommy.. yellow, pink, red… look… look even the purple one” chirped my little girl from behind me and her eagerness to appreciate the colours and greenness of the place astonished me. That’s when the thought hit me… how important it is for our big cities to have nurseries where we can take our kids to make them see how the nature grows in all its stages from a seed to a plant and into a full grown tree.

Are you also one of those who love to decorate their houses with plastic flowers and fancy pieces? If your answer is “yes” then you truly need to explore a plant nursery near you and compare the prices you pay for an artificial plant to its living, thriving, and vibrant counterpart and you would be surprised that it will cost you nothing in comparison then compelling you to ask yourself why not this beauty to add aroma of freshness to my home. I believe a plant nursery should be the first place you should visit whenever you think of decorating your home or garden.

You might be wondering why I’m asking you to visit a nursery… the reason is my good fellows, when I was watching the rerun of Barça and Real Madrid clash lying idly on my cozy couch, meanwhile my humble house help was polishing the wooden floor and suddenly the odour of floor polish mixed with the other cleaning products hit my nostrils making my brain to start working overtime pondering over the fact that in the home could be harboring invisible toxins in the forms of vapor of cleansers, scents, polices, paints and the list goes on… this brought a flash of the memory from my last visit to India where I saw a strange device in my friends apartment… which she called an air purifier. And then I realized that fortunately, I live in a country where we still have the luxury of breathing fresh and pollution free air at all the times. But what about our houses where we indiscriminately use all kinds of chemicals to keep it SPARKLY clean…

Is there a way to detoxifying the air in the house naturally??

And this mere question compelled me to run to the only place where we run for answers… Google… Google… Google… there I stumbled upon a study carried out by NASA called “The clean air study” to determine which plant helps to clean the air we breathe by eliminating harmful toxins. Therefore my lovelies… you have to run to your nearby nursery to buy all these natural air purifying blooming beauties which not only brighten up the place but according to NASA can remove upto 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours.

So here is the list of the air purifying house plants which also plays a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment to work, move and relax. Fortunately, I found most of these plants available at the nearby nursery.

  • Aloe Vera – The Lilly of the Desert. The plant of immortality, the medicine plant has many healing benefits including its ability to clean air. I believe this is the one plant; one should definitely have in the house. I use the gel from the leaves of this plant for burns, on itchy skin, face packs and seriously this magical gel has undoubtedly amazing results.
  • SPIDER PLANT – This beautiful plant cleans our homes of benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. These are also common volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted into the air in our homes by everyday items such as furniture, carpets and common household appliances.
  • RUBBER PLANT – This popular ornamental plant with leathery, glossy, oval shaped leaves ranks high on the list of houseplants that eliminate toxins such as formaldehyde from the air in our homes.
  • SNAKE PLANT – Also known as “MOTHER IN LAW’s TONGUE” is a low maintenance plant with its upright leaves, it makes a great statement in any room. We are aware of the fact that plants do the opposite of what we do when we breathe – they take in carbon dioxide and convert into oxygen. Most plants do this during the day but the snake plant is the one of few plants that releases oxygen into the air at night also making it the perfect plant to have in your bedroom as you sleep.
  • PEACE LILY- This beautiful plant with bright green coloured leaves and pretty white coloured flowers is so easy to care for even for those who don’t have a green thumb as they require very little water or light to remain healthy above all it’s very effective in removing formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene from the air.
  • DEVIL’S IVY – With its small green heart shaped leaves marbled with yellowish-white hues, this houseplant is commonly sold in decorative baskets and it’s very efficient at cleansing the air of pollutants, such as benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and formaldehyde.
  • LADY PALM – It’s efficient in cleaning the air of formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene and toluene. This evergreen fan palm is a perfect decorative piece to jazz up any dark corner of your home.
  • ENGLISH IVY – This evergreen climbing vine not only effective at cleansing air of toxins but also helps reduce mold in our homes.
  • WEEPING FIG – Ficus Tree is another name for this low maintenance, evergreen plant that grows well both inside and out. Give it plenty of indirect natural light, water frequently and this beauty would beautify your home along with purifying the air.
  • RED-EDGED DRACAENA – This efficient air purifying plant is extremely popular in America for its cool looks producing narrow green, yellow or cream coloured leaves.

In my opinion, a visit to nursery is the first step in building your own indoor greenland which can be your refuge from the outside world. I have been growing various flowers and plants in my house for quite some time but it’s only recently that I have started to dig a little deeper beneath their beauty and discovered that the benefits of houseplants go far beyond the aesthetic.

Ciao, my lovelies until we meet here again @gokhushi.com…follow your happiness… till then “use plants to bring life”

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.

Written by

Jyoti Rathore

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.