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Time to meal prep like a boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imaginary abs that you are developing while working out in gym or those soon to be there biceps or that shrinking waist line…………. Are not achieved only by working out rigorously or pushing your limits till  every part of your body feel sore. No doubt! it does play a vital roll in bringing your body into shape but what accelerate the process of shaping your body is what you eat?

Your post workout body is like sponge – ready to absorb nutrients! Replenish yourself with healthy supply of carbohydrates and proteins. Its always 80% what you eat and 20% how you workout determines the progress of your weight and inch loss. The post workout recipe which I am sharing is right blend of proteins and carbohydrates and super easy to make.

Prep. Time:15mins

Cooking time : 10 mins

total time: 25 mins


Chicken – 300 grams (boneless and cut into medium size pieces)

Vegetables of your choice (red and green bell pepper, zucchini, beans, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes etc.) chopped

Green pesto – it can be ready made store bought or home made (home made pesto recipe will be uploaded very soon here)

Pasta – you can choose among wide range of pasta available in the market but avoid wheat or refined flour pasta, I use quinoa and beetroot pasta.

Chopped spinach for garnishing.

Ingredients for chicken marination:

Olive oil 3 tsp

1 lemon

salt and pepper (according to taste)


Chicken marination overnight – put properly washed and cleaned chicken pieces in an air tight container, add lemon juice , olive oil, salt and pepper to the chicken pieces and toss them so that ingredients properly get mixed and smear the pieces. Put the lid on and keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

Pr-heat oven at 220 degree C. Keep the overnight marinated chicken outside for some time. Meanwhile chop the veggies.

Bake chicken pieces for 8 mins , take the half baked chicken out and flip the pieces and bake for another 6 mins. and take it out of oven. This baked chicken is super soft n juicy.

Meanwhile chicken is getting baked, put some olive oil in a pan and put the pan on the burner. Now, put all the chopped veggies in the pan, except cherry tomatoes, saute’ these until tender and then add cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper. Mix and stir it for another one minute.

Boil pasta as per instruction (beetroot and quinoa pasta takes only 6 to 7 mins to boil)

Add boiled pasta and baked chicken pieces to the sauteed’ veggies and add green pesto(4 to 5 tsp) in the last. mix them well.

Garnish it with chopped spinach.

Voila! your chicken,pesto pasta salad is ready to be devoured.


This salad is super healthy and best eaten post workout, providing required nutrients to the body and its very filling too.




messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !