Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that its picture remains in your eyes whenever you think about it. Well! for my next piece of write up I bring to you a place of alluring beauty, which you would want to add it in your travel list.

I happen to visit this gorgeous island with my husband to relax but this place has so much to offer that one cannot get enough and want to explore more and more. So here try to grasp by reading about this place.

MAURITIUS is an island nation, it has so much beauty in it that one can spend months discovering the fascinating things to do on this island. Mauritius has beaches, markets, shopping complexes and big buildings. The infrastructure is so mesmerizing that you will not want to leave this place. The largest and capital city is PORT LOUIS.

LE CAUDAN, waterfront the most colorful place in Port Louis, north Mauritius.

Located on the south bay of Port Louis area, this place has the most interesting things to offer from shopping to the view of lovely waterfront

This waterfront is both beautiful and busy with people, it has a view straight out of a Bollywood movie.



This place is a great combination of modern architecture with a strong historical background. The place got its name after Jean Dominique Michel de caudan since 1726 when he had started a saltpan near the bay of Port Louis.

The peninsula called Le Caudan is created around a fossil coral islet. This place holds some of the major historical places of this island like museum, post office and warehouses.

Some of the small enterprises are as old as 250 years. It has a very old sugar industry from around 150 years.

The more you explore this place the more fascinating it gets. Here are a few places you would want to definitely enjoy here:



This is the first place you will come across as soon as you enter the waterfront market area. This shopping complex is a huge building and has some big brands and lots of local stuff to offer.


This place is always buzzing with people from different backgrounds. The local stuff here is mostly handmade like soaps, bags etc.




       It is one of the most happening places in this area as people of all age groups will be here. The place is well organized and comfortable for those who love playing games.



This place is kind of a single lane which has almost everything local available be it food, clothes, makeup you will get everything here. And while standing here you will feel actually connecting to the city. People around are really humble and will make you always feel welcomed.

            Mauritius itself is a very alluring place and its Le Caudan waterfront is one of the places which is a must go for all travel lovers.


There is a lot more where that came from but that is the story for next time. I will take you with me on some interesting places in Mauritius

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.

Written by

Kishita Gandhi

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.