Wheat halwa popularly known as karah Prasad is a very popular Indian sweet, not just sweet; it is served as Prasad in Gurduwaras after the rituals are done.

The purpose behind serving this delicious sweet after the ritual is that Gurudwara is considered as Guru dwar (door) so it is believed that no one can go empty handed after going to Guru dharshan. Therefore, this tradition is followed not just in India but outside the country also.

Karah prashad has a very sweet velvety texture and is very difficult to digest.

I still remember in my childhood my grandma use to cook this sweet very often and it is so delicious to resist. The way it melts in your mouth is mesmerizing effect. It’s like flavor party in your mouth sweet, subtle and rich in nature this is one of the most loving sweet all over India.

So today, let me share this delightful recipe with you all with step by step description;

It is believed that while making this sweet or prashad the most important thing is chanting five Baanis from Gurbaani. Tt is the most important ingredient as this adds the spiritual and devotional energy to halwa.

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  • One cup sugar in a pan with around  three cups of water. The ratio is always 1:3. Boil it till it gets completely dissolved and bubbly don’t let it get thickened.




  • The next step includes adding one cup of ghee in a thick vessel or kadhai as soon as the ghee is hot add one cup of wheat flour. The quantity of sugar and flour should be same.


The flour and ghee should be mixed properly and it should be cooked on lower medium flame while stirring it occasionally so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel. Soon the flour will change its color and that indicates that flour is cooked.


  • Now as the flour is ready we will add the water and sugar solution in it gradually little at a time and stirring it nonstop so that it does not form any lumps.


This is the final step after this it will become smooth slurry and it can be served as it is. But it is your choice to add some almonds to give it a nutty flavor and effect.

This absolutely delicious sweet is one of the easiest recipes and can be made in no time using the right measurements.

Try this sweet recipe once to experience the aroma and flavor of simplest ingredients used in our kitchen on daily basis.


Don’t just satisfy yourself with this, I will be back with some more exciting and different recipes real soon.

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An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.

Written by

Kishita Gandhi

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.