It so happens at times, a book by cover doesn’t appeal so much and you just procrastinate reading it until you are bored to death and you have no other option to entertain yourself than reading that book. You reluctantly start reading and realize its so damn interesting and all this while you were missing the whole fun. That happens to me all the time not just book but with movies also. These five movies on Netflix turned out to be the best movies for me  and I really thought “damn! why I didn’t watch them earlier???

Starting with a movie which I watched purely due to the star cast, Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. I didn’t even notice the category, thought must be a romantic movie for a lazy evening, Lets watch it and trust me it just blew my mind. Vanilla Sky…. released in 2001, it was something I never watched before and never imagined either. A filthy rich, spoiled, dead drop handsome playboy David Aames Jr.(Tom Cruise) meets with a deadly accident because of his “friends with benefits” relationship with Julie Gianni(Cameron Diaz)turns sour and she decides to take him for a ride of his life. Though she dies but David wakes up with a disfigured face and charged with first degree murder. As  the movie proceeds, David isn’t sure what is real and what is a dream/nightmare as many facets of the story are incompatible to be all real. Before the accident, he develops an interest in Sofia Serrano(Penelope Cruz), whom he meets in at his home party and his best friend brings her to introduce her to David. She plays major roll in his real and dream sequences as she is the one whose murder has been leveled against him. What he thinks is a dream turns out to be reality and what he thinks is a reality turns out to be a nightmare, things get muddled up. He has so many questions, then starts his quest to find answers and what he finds, you would have never expected. A very intriguing movie that keeps you on edge whole time. Definitely a must watch.

Second movie on this list is Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind, first time I saw Jim Carrey in an intense roll, something I never imagined. To be honest, when I played this movie for the first time, due to its slow start it failed to grow any interest in me. Then while listening to FM one day I heard about this movie, it has a scene where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are sitting in living room and talking, in the background  Muhammad Rafi’s song lag ja gale se phir yeh hasi raat ho na ho… is playing and other hindi old songs which fits well in the situation are being played in  that scene as well, that caught my attention plus RJ on the FM extolled this movie as masterpiece, my interest peaked. That day itself I watched that movie again, this time with an interest as to why Hindi songs were used in an English movie but as the movies progressed, I just got more and more engrossed in the story line. So, what happens when you find out your girlfriend deliberately gets you erased  from her memories and wakes up as clean sheet next morning? That happens to Joel(Jim Carey) and he decides to return the favor by getting his girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) erased from his memory but it isn’t simple for him and he realized in between the procedure he didn’t want her memories to be erased. There starts his struggle to hide her memories somewhere in his brain where memory erasing experts cannot reach. Its so well made and enacted as I don’t really think it can ever be remade. A really fine piece of fantasy  and science fiction, a must watch on my list.

Third movie on the list is a very sweet fascinating story of a 29 years old woman who stops to age and after a century and changing her identity numerous times she falls for a young guy, who is somehow connected to her past. Age Of Adaline…. released in 2015, this movie is nice blend of fantasy, romance, emotions and a struggle over a century with a condition which stops Adaline from ageing. Blake Livley beautifully and gracefully essayed the roll of Adaline. How do you feel when you see your own children grow old and you remain young and have to introduce them as your grandparents??? How do you feel when you fall for a guy who is almost century younger to you and he turns out a link to someone from your past???? Interesting Right??? This beautiful tale is a must watch.


Fourth movie on the list is Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time… When you look at its poster you simply expect a period film highlighting the glory of a prince, his love story budding among wars, bloodshed, betrayal etc. To some extent yes, this story does have all these elements but the whole story has a major unexpected twist, a twist that reverse everything that happens during the whole movie. Released in 2010, Prince Of Persia has all the ingredients of a story that gets you hooked from the very beginning. Infused with magic, action and romance , beautifully designed that the audience can actually feel the emotions. A gripping storyline keeps its viewer at their tenterhooks. Interesting mix of fantasy and  historical fiction. Dastan the prince(Jake Gyllenhaal) teams up with Princess Tamina(Gemma Arterton) to thwart the evil plans of his uncle Nizam, who wants to control time with the help of a special dagger. A must watch movie.

Last but not the least a complete fantasy straight from the fairy land Mirror Mirror…. had it been told from the point of view of the a princess betrayed by her step mother after her father’s sudden disappearance, it would have been you regular fairy tale movie but No, the narrator is the Queen herself, the step mother. Its her story and trust me, its is full of comedy and scenes that leave you convulsing in laughter. Julia Roberts in new avatar, completely unexpected, then again its a trait of a fine actor to cater the unexpected to her audience. So,  a fairy tale with a twist and a must watch on my list of Netflix movies .   A movie you will definitely enjoy with your little girls , light hearted comedy and great performances are the USP of this movie .


These are my five top most favorite sci-fiction and fantasy movies on Netflix, do watch them and let me know how do u find the? Enjoy your weekend!


messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !