KESARIYA BALAM AAO NIII PADHARO MAHRE DES (my beloved! come to my land). Rajasthan is famous for its royalty and hospitality. Jaipur being the capital of Rajasthan, has a glint of everything that whole Rajasthan is well known for. Not just the historical monuments, colorful markets, folklore or food , while in Jaipur you can definitely enjoy the hospitality offered by different hotels and resorts. From five star to budget hotels, all are developed in resemblance of heritage properties in the city. Buildings mainly made of red stones, ceilings full of colorful intricate designs, walls and pillars full of local art and beautifully en craved. Rooms generally have four poster beds and other furniture, which are mostly designed in local handicrafts. Windows resembling to jhorakhas of Hawa Mahal. Rooms, halls, passages are lit by beautiful chandeliers hanging to the ceilings, paintings on the walls mostly depict the local folk or legendary kings and their victories. Folk music, puppet shows and folk dance are often main attraction of evening buffets or dinners. Staff is generally dressed in local attire, treating you as royalty. Some heritage properties have been turned into luxuries five star hotels like Rambagh palace and Jay Palace, booking a room in these hotels is really difficult as these are booked round the year , luckily we got a room in Jay palace once but Rambagh is still on the list, though dinning there is a luxury too which we often enjoy whenever in Jaipur.

I have stayed and visited many properties in Jaipur, and everyone is beautifully erected and maintained. For first few visits we preferred to stay in main city, as it was easy to visit different monuments and local markets but later we opted for resorts, which are mainly on the outskirts of Jaipur, to enjoy the property and its perks. My favorite hotels where, I love to stay, are ITC Rajputana and J.W. Marriott. Rajputana and Marriott both are in main city, bit of a drive through twist and turns of Jaipur. Where as Rajputana appears to be a fort, Marriott is more of a palace like structure. Both are equally luxurious, ambience and hospitality impeccable and folk dance and songs are often organized for the guests while they enjoy their dinner or breakfast. Staff is extremely friendly and service is quick. Moreover they have creche for kids with staff, lovely ambience and a complete experience of royalty.

Jaipur resorts are famous for destination weddings. Of course! who doesn’t want a royal wedding? People from different parts of world, especially Indians living abroad or in other states book these resorts for their children’s weddings. I stayed in Fairmont resort and J.W.Mariotte resort and spa, it was a beautiful experience to live on the property per se. Fairmont is Canadian hotels chain, offers you blend of Rajasthan and Middle eastern decor. Rooms, halls, corridors, everything is immersed in breath taking and exuberant  architecture with beautiful handicraft items. A regal structure inside out.

J.W.Marriott is a perfect gateway for weekend, it has both rooms and separate villas.Villas have personal swimming pool, outside sitting area just outside your room and  a cute running fountain. As you come out of villas you see a fine grid of  intersecting roads and you see a cycle stand with lots of bikes with helmets, pick your favourite colour and ride around the property. It has beautiful and big swimming pool and a separate jacuzzi in the middle of the property. Bespoke interiors again inspired by Rajasthan’s heritage, handicraft and folklore.  Out and out perfect family holiday destinationWherever you stay in Jaipur, you are in for royal treatment. If you have already seen the city , then its time to explore the beautiful hotels and resorts of jaipur which are like ode of this pink city.

In both my articles based on Jaipur (pink city of India: Jaipur and hotels and resorts in Jaipur) I have frequently mentioned Rajputs, Kings, warriors, culture of Rajasthan, folk song and dance , many of you must not be much familiar with these terms and may be curious why I mentioned them quite often in my articles. Being a Rajput myself , its my sheer pleasure to tell about rich culture and traditions of Rajput of Rajasthan. Not just that, the Indian history has golden pages filled with saga of Rajput warriors. I will be back with my new article soon on the brave cult called Rajputs. until then … take very good care of your self and visit Jaipur!


messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !