“Best stories of the world are found between the pages of passport”

So, planing to get another stamp in your passport? preferably U.K’s??? Dear ladies and gentleman, no doubt! when you think of U.K, you think of London, Scotland, Windsor etc. Of course, these are most visited, highlighted destinations in U.K. This time when you arrive in London, plan at least one day trip to Beautiful Brighton. A family picnic town “Brighton” resides proudly on the Sussex coast between the South downs and the English channel in United Kingdom.

Brighton is 76 kms. away from London. You can easily take a train from Victoria station (London), which takes about 55 mins to reach Brighton. Scenic beauty on the way keeps you so engrossed  that you don’t even realize when you reach this city of pebble beach . Yes! pebble beach is the main attraction of this town.

Lets start from the start… when you enter Brighton you see a small and cozy town awaits you. It appears to be built on a small mountain with a slope. Half of the town is on level ground and rest is on the slope and you see beautifully erected houses, stores, restaurants as you go down the slope which leads you to the said beach.

Summers are definitely the best time to visit Brighton. In fact, summers here are so beautiful even royal family likes to spend summers in Royal Pavilion at times. Royal Pavilion is also known as Brighton Pavilion. Its a historical structure built in three stages as seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales. It is built in the Indo-Saracenic(mugul) style prevalent in India for most of the 19th century. It has been changed from private residence of royal family to public attraction. You need to purchase a ticket to enter and witness its grandeur.

For kids Brighton has many attraction as sea life, Brighton museum and art gallery, Volk’s electric railways, kids, specifically, will love this one, its a narrow gauge heritage railway that runs along a length of the seafront of the English seaside resort of Brighton. It was built by Magus Volk and it was opened in 1883. The line runs between terminal stations at Aquarium and Black rock not far from Brighton palace pier.

Now finally we come to our most awaited pebble beach… its world famous for its beauty, this broad shingle beach is backed by amusement arcades and Regency era buildings. Brighton pier, in the central waterfront section, has lots of rides and food kiosks.

This beach has everything for everyone . kids can enjoy lots of rides here on the beach as well as on the pier. There are lots of restaurants catering wide variety of food amusing to everyone’s palate. Its a place where you can sit and  relax with whole family and bask in its picturesque beauty. If you haven’t been to Brighton yet then you are missing on lot of fun , put it on the top of your bucket list. Beautiful Brighton awaits you!


messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !