Motherhood is greatest blessing to greatest challenge and every thing in between and to complicate the things it doesn’t come with a manual.

My lovely fellow mothers and would be mothers, you are warriors, epitome of strength and patience.You have nurtured a life in you for nine months and since that life has seen light of the day, you have put your life on a back burner and have been doing everything in your capacity to keep it safe, sturdy and flourish.

In today’s fast paced and internet frenzy world everything is commercialized, comparisons and judgements are so easily maneuvered that we as mothers forget to have fun to offset the exorbitant exhaustion or fear that motherhood comes with.
Motherhood might be a journey through meadows and highlands but it shouldn’t take a toll on your physical and mental health, this is something you chose for yourself and always wished for it. Don’t take me wrong, I know kind of anxiety, sleep deprivation, commitment and mind numbing confusion motherhood comes with but still as human we always look out for miracles in our lives, as mothers we have these small miracles in our lives everyday in form of our children and the time to enjoy them is right now. We just have to pull back little, put this high speed life vehicle in reverse gear and learn to enjoy the chaotic schedule imposed upon us by these little munchkins.
I still remember with my pregnancies, how I felt like I was in public scrutiny and everybody was judging me ..what was i eating, was my belly right shape or not, too fat or too skinny, right cloths or not and that Labor derivation equation..normal or c-section….all this weighed me down when I was pregnant with my first one (I was all naive and oblivious) but with my second one was on my mind and I decided to make my nine months of pregnancy as enjoyable and memorable as I could .
I planned my weekly diets and excessive routine, yes own my own, believe me you are the best judge of your needs and tolerance. I listened to my doctor and my body carefully, never overexerted myself and never missed a party or a parlor date.One line that my mom told me those days I still remember was, “you are pregnant not ill, so move on girl” move on girl..this nauseating feeling, acid refux, tiredness everything would pass and seeing that little bundle of joy cling to you would give a enduring satisfaction and everlasting joy .
And trust me the search for fun and happiness in every situation would show you way out of everyday Clutters and flutters ,  that motherhood is not biological imperative or a sacrifice, but a privilege, one that many of us choose selflessly.
If you have been with me through this roller coaster ride of travels ,food and beauty ,you already aware of the fact that I have been writing about my experiences altogether. Here also,lets embark upon this adventurous journey of pregnancy and motherhood with me. I am just gonna share my Insights, observations ,ordeal all along . Somehow if  you find it refreshing and informative that would be a pleasure.
So I decided to divide this article in few parts …the first part is….
My pregnancy journey …those memorable nine months
Today I am gonna  simply elaborate the few steps I took to make those nine months enjoyable and less stressful
Listen to your doctor
Yes, never miss a doctor’s appointment and pre-natal  medications. Pay attention to what your doctor is informing you and asking you to follow that would be in your best est interest. Always have faith in your doctor because he/she is in best place to guide you through.
Healthy eating habits:
Make weekly colorful and healthy diet charts including all kinds of veggies , fruits and your favorite dishes.Please don’t go very hard on yourself regarding a particular diet plan rather try and eat and drink clean,including soups, smoothie ,fresh fruit juices ,coconut water. Make a sincere effort to avoid junk and fried food but few cheat days here and there keep your taste buds in check

Fortunately, I am into yoga and continued to perform yoga (there are pregnancy specific yoga poses )everyday throughout my pregnancy but seriously those early days when the wave of nausea and tiredness pulled me down,i took to walking..I used to walk at least for 30mins everyday and it helped me to feel energetic and stress free .

Drink lot of water:

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated all the time.I used to keep a bottle of water with me all the time without fail and it helped me to stay clear of all the packaged drinks and food available in my vicinity.
Listen to your body…relax
Take proper rest ,never overexert yourself. I made a point of taking a nap of at least 30 mins in day. Even deep breathing and yoga helped me to keep calm and composed .Foot massage was my solace, it helped get a better night sleep.
Those parlor appointment
Of course a girl need what a girl need. I regularly got facials and spas that helped me feel beautiful and lively.
Dress up..make up
No matter how you feel,get up, dress up and show up.Buy beautiful and trendy maternity cloths ,well fitted and show off your pregnancy curves with pride.It really gives a boost to your self image…always remember that pregnancy weight is not gonna weigh you down…enjoy this phase as well.
So, this is my list that helped me ward off those pregnancy blues.Every women is different so as every pregnancy but still some experiences helps us  to sail through smoothly  and encourage us to try something new.
Ciao , my lovelies…until we meet here @…follow your happiness with second part of this article “those overbearing three months …after the baby was born”.

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.

Written by

Jyoti Rathore

passionate for travelling, absolute foodie, mother of two beautiful angels and living the best life in AFRICA.