Shimla, a beautiful city situated in the mountain range of Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, India. Since it’s the main tourist attraction in north India, people, not just from different states of India but different parts of world, visit this place to witness its ethereal beauty. But there is so much more to this beautiful destination then just mall road and markets, it has so many beautiful places in its vicinity, which are not even discovered or visited by many people. Well! I recently visited  this beautiful destination, the experience was like walking on the clouds. Of course, weather plays a vital role, best recommended time to visit Shimla is summers, but the important part is the peace I was looking for, that I found in those hills. Since hailing from a crowded place like Gurgaon, I instantly fell in love with this destination because of its serenity and greenery.

Shimla is not a single destination, it is surrounded by different locations which will give you the feel of heaven ,one of them is:


              A beautiful golf course located just 2.5 km from mall road of Shimla. It’s a beautiful place with an army museum, which has all history of Indian Army and its wars . It has a gorgeous view of the golf course with a helipad and a place where you can sit for hours and enjoy, there is a refreshment counter as well, where you can enjoy all the basic food items like Maggie, bhelpuri, eggs etc. the view is breathtaking. A must visit for all the nature lovers


                    This is one place which will win your heart over by its natural beauty ,a nice walk in the clouds, the view is mesmerizing and it’s a quiet place with very few tourist spots, however the main attraction is its scenic beauty and to enjoy it you can take a walk in these beautiful hills. It has small roadside cafes where you can sip a hot cup of tea while enjoying the mountains covered with snow like clouds.


This place is not known to many as this is a quite away from the hustle bustle of city. You can come here by a car, then it is bit of a walk downhill and then you see a view worth all the efforts, an unexplored part of Shimla this is just 6 kms from the main market of Shimla.

All these places have only one thing in common and that is its beauty.

FOOD: food is a very important part of your trip and Shimla gives you one of the best experiences of local varieties be it the modern coffee shops like Honey hut on mall road or the roadside spicy sandwich on the ridge you will enjoy each and every delicacies, if you are a music lover then cafes on the top of ridge are a must visit ,set up with a modern interiors serving the local varieties, they are best for the young crowd.

Overall there is so much to see in Shimla, it’s a place where you can go with either family or friends, it really doesn’t matter once you are here you can forget those crowded places and can actually have a holiday.

But the ultimate truth is you have to see it to feel it.

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.

Written by

Kishita Gandhi

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.