They say Paris is the city of love. Love was practically born, grew and flourished here. But Ronin was alone. A passionate chef at one of the best restaurants in France, Ronin came to Paris to study culinary art and fell in love with this city which he thought had so much to offer beauty, culture, gastronomy and much more. But he felt lonely. It’s been 5 years since he had been living in this city but could not meet someone who could appreciate life his way. Well, maybe he was not looking in the right place or maybe his way of looking at life had something to do with his current state of being single.  Whatever may be the case the guy was really alone and sad and let me tell you something he was not at all hard on eyes. Back in culinary school, he made quite a few heads turn for his big black eyes, sharp looks, athletic body and the magic he would create with his hands I mean the food of course. The guy was too busy and serious in making his dream come true that he failed to notice those who would come to school to notice him only. Shame! I know right. Back to the present, Ronin is single and very much ready to mingle but terms and conditions applied. Like everyone I am sure God has something in store for him, something very special and unique for which he made Ronin wait for so long.  So who is she? How will he meet her? Will it be worth a wait? ……. Have patience you are about to find out … presenting you the unexpected love story of Ro & T.



“Add more saffron to Bouillabaisse and make sure the fish is not too tender” Ronin barked the order as he made his way through his restaurant kitchen. Clinking of dishes, the aroma of French cuisines coming from all around, hustling and bustling of chefs and waiters in and around the kitchen always made Ronin feel at home. Once in his kitchen, he felt like a man on mission, keeping his chefs on their toes, checking and testing each and every dish, minutely examining the presentation of the dishes and sometimes going out of the kitchen and visiting the customers to ask about their experience showed Ronin’s commitment to his job, his dream and to himself. It was almost the end of June which meant summers were at a peak in Paris. Restaurants and hotels were beaming with tourists. It was a busy day in Ronin’s Kitchen and he hadn’t taken a break of a minute to relax ever since he walked in the kitchen at 6 o’clock in the morning.

“Ro go take a break. You need it man” Paul nudged Ronin who was busy explaining a fellow chef the importance of cognac in Coq au vin for what like nth times. Paul this time took Ronin from the elbow and stirred him in the direction of the pantry. Handing him a glass of Chardonnay Paul gestured Ronin to sit on rusted boxes piled up in one the corners of pantry. Ronin sighed and took the glass from Paul’s hand and sat on the box. “Are you trying to kill yourself, boss?” Paul looked at Ronin with amusement in his eyes. Paul and Ronin had been best friends since the beginning of their culinary school and it was Ronin who recommended Paul for this job which Paul was absolutely grateful for. Paul eyed Ronin from head to toe and saw a six feet masculine man, sleeves of white shirt rolled up till elbow with narrow black pants, a black apron tied neatly to his athletic frame and wondered again “is he in the right profession? for he looks a supermodel crying out loud ladies and gentlemen”. “You need to go out on a date” Paul exclaimed. “Do not bring that shit again Polly and please stop eyeing me like that it creeps me out at times” Ronin took another sip of exquisite wine in his hand. Paul chuckled “Oh please, you are not that handsome to make a straight man go gay for you and you really need to go on date or else you would end killing yourself and that would be such a shame”  Ronin ignored him and continued to look in space. It wasn’t like he didn’t try going out on a date but every time it turned out embarrassing for one or the other reason. Sometimes the girls were too dumb to know the difference between French dish ratatouille and Spanish dish pisto so what if the two dishes were similar in taste and appearance. “Come on you are on a date with a top-notch chef of the finest five-star restaurant in Paris show some bloody respect to the culinary art” Ronin rolled his eyes thinking about it. “Get over yourself Ro, girls like to date a guy, not a dish. Got it!”  Paul sighed thinking about the bleak prospects of Ronin getting along with any girl. On the other hand, Ronin was tired of going on dates and ended being single all the time. Ronin took a long swig of remaining wine in the glass and got up from the box dusting his pants and left Paul in the pantry to get back to work. But Paul had surely touched a nerve there as Ronin felt a tug at his heart feeling lonely all of sudden in the crowded kitchen. Ronin turned to Abella, manager of the kitchen, and said: “I am not feeling well tonight I am going home early everything is taken care of here”. Before Abella could respond to him, he took off his apron and went to the changing room at the back of the kitchen. Once in his comfy jeans and t.shirt, Ronin made his way out from the backdoor of the restaurant without giving any second glance to anyone.   There was a nip in the air that evening, as he came out he felt it and swore under his breath for not carrying a jacket with him. He tried to hail a cab but no luck, he was already in sour mood courtesy Paul, he swore loudly in French at the cab driver “Vous encule” which earned him a middle finger from the driver.  He was furious now, his chest was rising and falling rapidly and he wanted to kill someone. He turned sharply and bumped into someone.

“Ouiiiii, look where you are going homme” she pulled herself away from him and looked straight in his eyes. She narrowed her hazel eyes through her red frames, her raven hair tied up in a messy bun, wearing a simple black & white check shirt and jeans. A cute scowl was adorning her face. She didn’t appear french but she was cute. Not very tall barely reaching his shoulders, she straightened herself up more and tried to tower over him which made him chuckle. She shook her head and tried to make her way around him but he blocked her way “Hey! What’s your name” he was surprised at his bold attempt to make conversation with this cute stranger. She looked surprised too and again narrowed her beautiful hazel eyes at him and said something which made him take two steps back “te perdre petit salaud” followed by the middle finger. And she turned the corner and just vanished as if she was never there. Ronin stayed rooted to that place and still could not believe whatever just happened.




To be continued……


messy bun and getting the stuff done….. loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !


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messy bun and getting the stuff done..... loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, out and out dreamer, looks at the world through rainbow lens !