Long hair, means a lot of care, but in the end, results can be amazing. It is very important to keep them nourished and polished.

Though taking care of long tresses depend upon the texture of your hair but there are certain things that should be done, in order, to keep them healthy. There are so many homemade packs which can be you used on any hair type.

One thing that I have learned from my experience is that, hair care is one of the most time consuming and effective processes, if done, right. Of course, treatments are different for different type of hair.

Now as known to many that these days salon offers various types of hair treatment procedures including hair spa, hair mask and what not, I am not of that view point that those are not good enough but it is very crucial that you make your own pack in order to make it as natural as possible (also homemade packs are pocket friendly).

I have pretty long tresses myself and almost everyone has asked me what I do to make them this shiny and long, so today I am going to share my secret with my audiences.

The secret is actually not so secret, first thing is that I have got this texture of hair from my mom. Second thing is I have applied mostly homemade packs which I experimented on my hair.

One of those packs which suit almost all kind of hair type is;

Lemon & honey pack:

It includes:

Juice one big lemon

2 tablespoons of curd

Oil of your choice (I prefer mustard oil)

Apply this pack on your hair for good 30 -40 minutes, let it absorb in your hair and scalp. You have to be careful while putting oil into the pack as it can get drippy. After 40 minutes first rinse your hair with Luke warm water and then you can do your regular shampoo & conditioner.

This pack will improve your hair texture and also it helps you get rid of that unwanted dandruff.

This is not the end of it, wait for my next piece of writing on hair care and I will share some more hair care secrets with you all, till then try this pack and let me know the results in comment box below.

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.

Written by

Kishita Gandhi

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.