As known to many, India is a land of festivals. There are festivals for celebrating different occasions. One of them is Raksha Bandhan. It is known by various names in different regions of India like Rakhi, rakhri, saluno, silono. Names may be different but the purpose is same to celebrate the special bond of a brother and sister.

The festival is made up of two words Raksha and Bandhan which in Sanskrit means ‘knot of protection” on this day a sister take promise from her brother that he will protect and secure her entire life. This festival depicts the love between the brothers and sisters.

The festival falls on a full moon of Shraavana month also known as Purnima, on this day the moon in the sky is always full and it shines bright. It is observed on the last day of Hindu lunar Calendar.

Rakhi is an ancient festival and its history goes back to the times of Indra Dev(Indian rain deity). There are several stories related to the celebration of this festival.

This occasion is not celebrated just among blood relatives but also with someone whom you have a special relation, like cousins, fraternal aunt, nephew   recently ladies started honoring this festival by tying the sacred threads to local policemen and fire fighters in return of their security.


Different religions of India have their own importance of Raksha Bandhan, though the festival is mainly celebrated by Hindus but in Jainism, Jain priests give ceremonial threads to devotees.


On this day, a sister ties a Rakhi (sacred thread) around the wrist of her brother in order to pray for his prosperity, health and well-being. The brother in return offers a gift and promises protect his sister from any harm and under every circumstance.



Over the years rakhi and way of celebrating rakhi has changed a lot, traditionally the rakhis use to be very big in size with shining materials on it like gotta and flowers etc.



These days rakhi has become trendy in terms of looks they come in different patterns more like designer rakhis following the latest themes.



This festival has bought joy in the families for generations the love bond that a brother and sister share is incredible and we are sure that it will remain unchanged.

This year India will celebrate this festival of love on Sunday, 26th august 2018.




An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.

Written by

Kishita Gandhi

An avid reader and writer, traveller,  loves to bake, foodie and fashion enthusiast.